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Banco Nacional


How to Buy from Us:

We only sell through the Internet, but buying from us is quick and easy. We almost always deliver purchases the same business day (depending on the time of the order), and we always coordinate with the customer first. While making your purchase here on the website, we'll give you three payment options. So, just select your items and add them to your shopping cart. When ready, click the "Buy Now" button on your shopping cart.

After signing in, just select from the following payment options:

1. by cash on delivery (dollars or colones), if the delivery address is within the San José metroplitan area -- from Tres Rios to Ciudad Colón (East-West) and from the city of Alajuela (and nearby areas) to Aserrí (North-South)

If you live outside the San José area, you can choose from the following two payment options. We'll still try to get your purchase to you the same or next business day. We'll use EMS Courier, a freight/bus service that you recommend or even SANSA airlines, if it works out to be the best option for you. Be sure to add a comment to your purchase form or send us an e-mail with any special requests. Otherwise, we always call ahead of time to confirm everything...

2. by deposit to our Banco Nacional bank account. You can make the deposit in person, online using the BN-Internet system, our you can do an inter-bank transfer from other banks using the SINPE number of our bank account. Our account number is on the "Information" page linked at the top of the page under our logo. We'll also send that number to you by e-mail after registering your purchase here on the site.

3. by credit card using PayPal

All of the products we sell are new, they come with a 90-day warranty, and all purchases come with government-authorized receipts. We charge a fixed rate of $3 per delivery regardless of the delivery address or the quantity of products purchased. For deliveries outside the metropolitan area, we use the EMS Courrier service or a freight delivery company (servicio de encomiendas) after consulting with the customer.

 To minimize our costs, we don't offer customer service by telephone, so if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

e-mail: info@quechiva.com

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